• KiKi

    "The cream is good for inflammation .My face was quite inflamed but not since I started using it."

  • Karen

    "So moisturizing and feels so nice and smooth on my face."

  • Sarah L

    "My skin feels really good after using this cream. I would recommend it to people with dry skin. It has a light scent which is pleasant."

  • Vanessa

    “Highly recommend it! I have allergic rhinitis, so I will rub my nose all the time. Therefore my skin around the nose is always dry and peeling, but this situation is gone after I apply a small amount before I go to bed every night. And I will put some on as the last step of my night skincare routine if my skin is unstable, it will be glowy, plump and radiant the next morning when I wake up! It’s not just a skin saver but a life saver!”

  • Helen C

    “I have tried this product for nearly a month, and it has become essential to my skincare routine. It has really helped fade some of my blemishes away. It feels amazing on the skin and has a very natural scent. Love it and will be restocking it before I run out. “

  • Kaz L

    “The texture of this face cream is pretty refreshing, not greasy at all. I only applied a very small amount of cream and was moisturising enough which lasted for the whole night.

    But what amazed me is the cream working wonders for the psoriasis on my elbows! It makes my elbows soft and smoother the next morning. I have tried many products before, so I know when I’m using the right one.”